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Speech in Urdu

Looking for a speech in urdu? No problem at all. Urdu being the national language of pakistan, is a very verstile and diverse cultural language which is enriched with love, peace and harmony. Speech writing is known as extra curricular activity in schools and universities. Pakistan has produced many brilliant speakers and speech writers in the world.

Speech Writing

Speech writing and speech delivering are two different things. When a person starts to deliver a speech, he is not just speaking and uttering words. But he has to speak from his heart and fluently. That is only possible if the person has written it first and not doing extempore. Speech writing is a tedious job. Speech in urdu is mostly required by the students of school and college level. There may be a debate, a competition in ones school where one has planned to deliver a speech.

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Tips for Speech in Urdu

To write a speech in Urdu, first you have to think about, what even topic is that you are delivering a speech on. If it is a related event then you are supposed to choose a related topic. For example if the event is held on 14 august Pakistan Independence Day. Then you are not supposed to deliver a speech on Pakistani movies. So choose the topic care fully.
If it is a general speech competition then you can choose any topic. One of the important things of writing and delivering a speech in Urdu is the content of the speech.

Now you have chosen the topic and you are all set to write the speech in Urdu. Brainstorm all the ideas related to your topic and write them in a separate book or copy now one by one start arranging all the ideas into a sequence of your topic deliverance. Now start elaborating all the ideas. It depends on your time for which you will be speaking.
The content of your speech should be genuine, unique and interesting. You must not copy it from any where you can get help from various ideas and places. But if you start copying the things and stuff, which is really famous. And which has already been presented in many speeches. Then people would know what you are going to speak and the interest based excitement will be extinct from your speech. Try to remain interesting and intriguing while writing your speech in Urdu.

Techniques of Speech

There are various techniques and Urdu speeches available in Pakistan Informer gallery. Which are shown below. As a starter to practice or at beginners level you may use these speeches in Urdu to get a start. These are one of the best speeches available online, are unique and written properly.

Delivering a speech in Urdu

For delivering a speech every body has a different and unique way but these common tips are useful for every one and for every speech.

  • While delivering a speech make sure that you maintain constant eye contact with your audience. If you will not make eye contact with your audience people will start looking here and there. Thinking about all the other they are going to do or have done in there lives.
  • Your posture and deliverance shall be reasonable. Neither you should be more funny nor too emotional . There shall be a balance in between. For you emotional attachment with your audience you are supposed to remain related to the niche you have chosen. For example if you have chosen a niche or topic related to something which is very patriotic such as 14 Aug or Youm e Shuhada you are not supposed to be funny. If you are delivering a funny speech in Urdu then you must not make a serious face and posture.
  • If you have written a very good speech and content but still you are unable to deliver it . You are not getting the desired results then the problem is in your deliverance. In public speaking deliverance is among one of the important most things.
  • To be good in delivering a speech the best method is to stand in front of the mirror. And imagine if you are the judge and you are judging yourself . Now start delivering you speech. This way you will get to know the idea where you are lacking and what mistakes you are making during your speech. Remember speech writing is easy and delivering a speech is difficult thing.

The following book has 37 speeches in a pdf form.


Downlad Behtareen Inami Taqreerain by Dr. Shabir Ahmed Basil

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